Koein - Digital agency - Web Design Lebanon


koein is a digital agency, a web design, interface design, and software development company in Lebanon, qatar, dubai, kuwait, ksa, and the middle east region we provide complete solutions from web design to software solutions to hosting to interactive presentations

We Design

  1. Web and software interface
  2. Interactive applications
  3. Corporate identities & branding
  4. Print collaterals & packaging

We Develop

  1. Corporate web presences
  2. Interactive cdroms
  3. Ecommerce web sites
  4. Intranet and extranet applications
  5. Content management systems
  6. Software solutions

We Provide

  1. Web strategic consultancy
  2. Web advertising consultancy
  3. Search engines optimization
  4. Printing services
  5. Web email and domain name
  6. Managed hosting